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Lydia Chinery-Hesse / founder

I’m from Ottawa, Canada, and have been living in the UAE and advising expats since 2016. Before moving to UAE I was living in Accra, Ghana for several years.


I help my clients put measures in place to control their spending while increasing their savings. I help them visualize their short to long term personal (and business) goals and put a structure a plan towards achieving them.


My mission is to encourage women so that they become empowered throughout the wealth-building journey by equipping them to make wise financial decisions. I run a community to help women successfully manage their personal finances and also holds monthly seminars for this purpose.

"Teach her about how money really works,
and she can change the world."
Linda Davis Taylor



⦁ Bachelor of Arts Degree: Carleton University – Political Science and Law, concentration in International Relations
⦁ Masters of Science Degree: University of Dundee – Energy Studies ⦁ CISI International Introduction to Investment
⦁ CISI Certificate in Wealth Management
⦁ CISI UAE Financial Rules & Regulations ⦁ CISI Certificate in Advanced Wealth Management
As a woman who understands the ambition and, at times, burden, of wanting to become wealthy and not having the tools to do so, now that I have them, sharing them with other women is a priority for me. As a successful professional who has experienced the roller-coaster ride that comes from entrepreneurship, I understand the importance of having some financial stability to alleviate the pressures that life brings so that one can enjoy it thoroughly. This is why, as a financial advisor, I’m passionate about ensuring women are able to achieve their personal and business goals that will lead to building wealth. I value being transparent, learning from mistakes, while encouraging, empowering and equipping you through the journey to Love Yourself Financially.